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Is it time to declutter and organize your space?

Look no further

– I’m your woman.


My career as a decluttering ninja was revealed to me early in life when I found myself cleaning and organizing my friends’ closets instead of playing with make-up or frolicking outside. (I admit that my idea of a good time may have been slightly different than the average adolescent.) It’s quite simple. Some folks are wizards with numbers. Others combine ingredients in a way that I’m fairly certain requires a sixth sense. As for me, I declutter for the masses.

What am I in for?

My goal is always to make a difference in my client’s home that has a long lasting impact on both their physical and mental health.
* Assessment:
A free phone consultation will take place to assess your space. This opportunity allows us to meet and thoroughly go over what you need and how my team will transform your home.
* Excellence:
Your home is important to us. We take every client’s situation seriously as if it were our own. Our Team works diligently and are incredibly thorough to ensure the best results for your space. We take pride in our hard work and attention to detail.
* Satisfaction:
Sit back and soak it all in when the job is completed. Your space will feel brand new. You will now be living in a clean, tidy and stress-free environment.
* First Step:
What are the details of your situation? Call us at 613 265 9333 or send us details here to start the conversation on how we can help




Decluttering can be booked by installments of:

Half day (4 hrs) $200+hst
Full Day (up to 7.5) $400+hst

Please note: Weekends are available at a premium rate. 

Estimates for larger projects also available with consultation.

Whether items are to be recycled, donated or kept, we work through this process together – don’t worry, we won’t throw out your prize possessions! Smaller items you decide to give away will be removed and donated to the Salvation Army by our team.

Want to see some of our previous projects? Check them out here!

Call (613) 265-9333 or Contact Us for a phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Deep Cleans

Moving in? Moving Out? Spring clean? Or perhaps you just want to give your house the thorough deep clean that it (but more importantly, you) deserve.

The house is taken care of from top to bottom.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Call (613) 265-9333 or Contact Us for a phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Regular Reoccurring Cleans

We also take care of simple reoccurring cleans. Whether you need a bi-weekly or monthly service,

Kick The Clutter can take care of it.

Call (613) 265-9333 or Contact Us for a phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Why it Works

Let’s say you have made a goal to get into better shape. To do this, you decide to invest in a personal trainer. They hold you accountable, push you until you feel like puking and provide a personalized program that guides you to successfully reach your goal. Well, ladies and gents, the same goes for decluttering your home (minus the puking…). It’s such a taboo word that most of us don’t like to associate our space with the word ‘clutter’. But the reality is that many of us have way too many items that we don’t use anymore and likely don’t even realize what is lingering in the closet, garage or basement.

So let’s do it.

Let’s finally take care of that area in the house (or areas for that matter) that have been neglected for slightly longer than perhaps you’d like to admit out loud.This can be accomplished by a deep clean or a full decluttering depending on the needs of you and your home. The feeling you get from completing each room is pretty freaking fantastic… Yes, I said freaking.


How do I get started?

It’s a sinch. Either send us a brief explanation of your oh so wonderful situation here or call to speak to a live human being (pretty crazy concept, I know). From there, we will arrange a free in-person consultation for your project followed up with an estimate.

What happens to my items?

I eat them. I suppose that could get weird, electronics would be particularly challenging. Kick the Clutter is happy to donate all smaller items to the Salvation Army. Optionally, certain items could be arranged to be sold for a fee. The rest can be recycled or thrown out using the good ol’ fashioned city of Ottawa Waste Management services.
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
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Serving Ottawa and the surrounding rural areas.

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